Elian Mikkola is an emerging filmmaker born in 1990 and currently based in Montreal, Canada. Their cinematic work explores the borders of mediums and meanings. Mikkola works with both analog and digital mediums and exhibits her work in environments that vary. Mikkola has a MFA in Media Production from the University of Regina. They are originally from Turku, Finland and hold a BA in Journalism from University of Tampere.


Photo by Miranda Reid
Photo by Miranda Reid

Mikkola started filmmaking in 2015 and since 2016 their short films have been showcased in several film festivals in Canada and internationally. Their debut film SAARI (2016) was selected to TIFF’s Canada’s Top Ten Film Festival student program in 2017. Among other awards SAARI won the best student film award and best technical achievement award in Saskatchewan Independent Film Awards 2016. Mikkola also received the Creative Vision Award as a part of the AE Film Festival in 2016.

Mikkola is currently a board member in the Queer City Cinema and lives and works in Montreal.